How to Solve JLR SDD Pathfinder not installed


Problem: I cannot seem to get the Jaguar Land Rover JLR- SDD to install. Every time I try it tells me that JLR SDD not installed / JLR Pathfinder Not Installed. Can you help or tell me what I am doing… Continue Reading


Is their free updates included with SDD and Pathfinder


1. Is their free updates included with SDD and Pathfinder ? When you buy from us a Laptop or Software Licence it comes in 2 types 1    Offline software and no internet is needed and this type has unlimited usage… Continue Reading


What is the difference between IDS and SDD


1. Is IDS Integrated Diagnostic Software used on Jaguars pre 2005 Yes the old program to work on the jags before 2005 is called IDS. We have v128 and V131 that have this software included and only runs on win… Continue Reading


Land Rover 825 Watt Surround Sound System Retrofit Configuration by JLR SDD


This post show you the configuration of Land Rover 825 watt surround sound system retrofit by JLR SDD diagnostic software. Land Rover Discovery 4 Parts: 3 SRS speaker 825 watt amplifier Amplifier wire harness D-pillar plaque L405/L494 Parts: 3 tweeters… Continue Reading


How to use Jaguar and Land Rover DoIP Diagnostic Tool SDD Software ?


Topic: How to use Jaguar and Land Rover DoIP Diagnostic Tool SDD Software 1.Run JLR SDD 2.Click SDD 3.Click[Auto VIN Read] Reading VIN… 4.Click [Diagnosis] 5.Symptom Selection and click [Continue] 6.Click [Recommendations] 7.Click [Run] Complete vehicle – Datalogger 8.Select signals… Continue Reading


JLR DoiP VCI Bad Connection to Laptop

The old JLR DoiP VCI (released in the year 2019) has bad usb connection to PC using a USB able or even using a converter to type C port Connection error popped up when JLR DoiP VCI is connected to a… Continue Reading


Original vs. China Clone JLR DoIP VCI Jaguar Land Rover Diagnostic Tool

Confirmed! You have luck with a cloned Car Scanner JLR DoIP VCI at a decent price but the same features as the dealer to have diagnostic tests or do coding/programming on a Jaguar/Land Rover, new or old. In conclusion, The… Continue Reading


JLR Pathfinder VCI DoIP error “pathfinder can’t recognize VCI “

Today I received JLR Pathfinder VCI DoIP, I have problem with drivers, I plugged it to USB and VCI Manager not recognize VCI, in Device Manager device name is Realtek USB FE Controller and I think it should be like… Continue Reading