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KT200 ECU Programmer Reviews

KT200 ECU programmer read and writes ECU & TCU FLASH and EEPROM in OBD, Bench, Boot Mode, and BDM/JTAG.KT200 ECU Programmer made by ChipTuningKit covers [...]

How to solve when you meet common question for KT200 ECU Programmer

KT200 ECU Programmer ChipTuning Kit KT200 ECU/TCU Programmer Support OBD/BOOT/JTAG/BDM Multiple Protocols Below is common question when you use the [...]

how to do odometer programming for KAI RIO 2021 NEC70F3524

This instruction show you guide on how to do odometer programming for KAI RIO 2021 NEC70F3524. Preparations: Newest iProg Pro Plus iProg+ v87 v84 v82 [...]

How to use Original Software by PCMTUNER

This is a tutorial to show how to use PCMtuner ECU Programmer working with the original software. Covering registration & activation, connection and ECU [...]

PCMtuner Update Issue PCMflash V1.21 V1.25 Solution

As we know, PCMtuner ECU Programmer requires users to always update PCMtuner, but PCMflash updates are not allowed. If we accidentally update PCMflash, are [...]

Kess V2 Clone vs PCMTuner Which is Better

Question: I wonder if the pcmtuner is more reliable than a kess v2 clone? Here’s the clue. It is like a tool of 2020 vs 2005. There is not enough [...]

How to Install KTM200 ECU Programmer Software

Compared with the old KTAG, the new KTM200 version has added 490 new protocols, updated 687, and added 200 Bosch ECU read and write protocols without opening [...]

How to Update KTM Bench to KTM200 67 in 1

Exchange Notice: Good News! For customers who have bought KTM Bench, KTM Bench V1.20, KTM 3 in 1, if you need to update to KTM200 67 in 1, please just [...]

Free Download VXDIAG VCX NANO GM GDS2 V2021.4 22.2.03302

VXDIAG VCX NANO GM USB/WiFi (vcx se pro, vxdiag full etc) GDS2 software was released to V2021.04 in Nov. 2021. Software version: GDS2 V22.2.03302 [...]

Is Possible Clone MD1CS006 Renault with Hexprog

Is it possible clone md1cs006 Renault with Microtronik HexTag Programmer? Yes its supported for read and write. Please check the supported list from below [...]

NEW Mitsubishi MUT III 2021 diagnostic Software

The installation is very easy, you will get a video instructions This software can do diagnose and also ecu programming. Supported languages: English, [...]

Autel MaxiSys Elite Add A Smart Key For Toyota Sienna

How to use Autel MaxiSys Elite scan tool to program a smart key fob for 2013 Toyata Sienna? Today I will show you guys with an old key & a new smart key to [...]

How to Clone BMW Bosch ECU MG1 with Hextag?

The newly developed Tricore module enables Auto ECU Programmer Hextag programmer to clone many ECUs without opening ECU (factory mode).  Here’s an example [...]

How to use and install XPROG V6.12 on Win XP Win7Win8

X-PROG box ECU programmer has been updated to newest version 6.12. It comes with USB dongle, no need activation. With new generation hardware, runs more steady [...]

How to read & decode BMW CAS4 5M48H with XPROG-M Programmer?

This article shows the procedures on reading & decoding BMW CAS4 5M48H with XPROG-M Programmer.   Procedures: Remove BMW CAS4 module and [...]