How to use Original Software by PCMTUNER

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This is a tutorial to show how to use PCMtuner ECU Programmer working with the original software. Covering registration & activation, connection and ECU reading. Read this post to learn how it works. Email Registration & Activation *   Install the PCMtuner… Continue Reading


PCMtuner Update Issue PCMflash V1.21 V1.25 Solution


As we know, PCMtuner ECU Programmer requires users to always update PCMtuner, but PCMflash updates are not allowed. If we accidentally update PCMflash, are there any recovery options? PCMflash V1.25 Error. PCMflash V1.21 Error. PCMflash wrong update, re-installation can’t find dongle.… Continue Reading


NEW Mitsubishi MUT III 2021 diagnostic Software


The installation is very easy, you will get a video instructions This software can do diagnose and also ecu programming. Supported languages: English, Spanish,French,Italian,Turkiah,Greek,German,Czech,Polish,Russian – Vehicle diagnosis (Interactive fault diagnosis) – SWS communication; CAN communication support – Drive recorder –… Continue Reading


Autel MaxiSys Elite Add A Smart Key For Toyota Sienna

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How to use Autel MaxiSys Elite scan tool to program a smart key fob for 2013 Toyata Sienna? Today I will show you guys with an old key & a new smart key to finish the tutorial. First of all,… Continue Reading