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Program 2014 Chevrolet Sonic by Xhorse Vvdi Key Tool and OBDSRAR Key Master DP Plus

Program 2014 Chevrolet Sonic: VVDI Key Tool + Key Master DP Plus done! Steps: 1. Chevrolet Sonicid46 1815: press “Gen” Writing data… 2. [...]

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus GM Sierra/ Silverado IMMO Car List

Question: I want to program keys and key fobs 2015 and up GM sierra/ Silverado, can obdstar odomaster support? Answer: NO, please use OBDSTAR x300dp plus, [...]

Land Rover key programmer advice digimaster3 + Yanhua mini ACDP

Yanhua digimaster3 can program key for Land Rover before 2015 via OBD. Yanhua Mini ACDP with module 9 can program key for Land Rover 2015 – 2018 without [...]

How to Connect Wifi DSP3

What will be found in the network that you have of internet in, here for example we give you double click about how to connect wifi DSP 3. Here it [...]

Super Dprog5 Odometer IMMO Odometer Airbag 3 in 1 Reset Tool

Super Dprog5 Odometer IMMO Odometer Airbag 3 in 1 Reset Tool for BMW Benz and VAG vehicles replace Data Smart 3+ Perform instrument calibration, security [...]

How to Boot Digimaster3 Odometer Correction

Digimaster 3 Odometer Correction
Good weekend! Today we’d like to share with you How to Boot Digimaster 3 odometer correction We need device: Digimaster3 Odometer Correction [...]