Toyota Trouble Repair

How to fix p0031 Toyota code by Autel MK808

Step-by-step guide to fix p0031 Toyota code by Autel MK808? Connect MK808 to the OBD port of the vehicle via the main cable Select Toyota Acquire VIN [...]

Launch X431 Perform ECU Backup Memory ClearInitialization

Launch X431 ECU backup memory clear function locates at TOYOTA diagnostic S.W–>ABS–>work support. TOYOTA-16 or CAN BUS connector is selected for the [...]

How to calibrate the rotation angle sensor by Launch X431 PAD VII

Any of Launch X431 Pad VII, European Euro Tab III, MM4.0 (other devices can buy “Motor Angle Calibration” function in Mall module) can calibrate the [...]

Autel IM608 Pro program 2004 Toyota Sequoia All Keys Lost

2004 Toyota Sequoia lost all keys. Autel im608 pro was able to read program keys and write back. The 8 leg cradle is required. It comes with the im608 pro [...]

How to Program Toyota 2020- Smart Key AKL with Autel by OBD

Question: 2020 Toyota Highlander all keys lost. Tango fail Zedfull fail Possible to program 2020 2021 Toyota AKL with Autel IM608 and XP400 Pro by [...]

Active Hidden Function via X431 PRO for Toyota Reiz 2015

Here we will show you how to active hidden function by X431 PRO for Toyota Reiz 2015. Function has been already tested on Toyota below: Automatic [...]