Is their free updates included with SDD and Pathfinder

1. Is their free updates included with SDD and Pathfinder ?

When you buy from us a Laptop or Software Licence it comes in 2 types

1    Offline software and no internet is needed and this type has unlimited usage ususally

2   Online Software  comes in 2 options

Option  A without updates

Option B with Updates

The Difference in the option 2 is this

With 2A option  example is Jaguar Land Rover Software SDD or Pathfinder comes to you on V160 and stays on this gets no updates

With 2B option  example is SDD or Pathfinder  comes to you on V160 and needs to download in background new updates and you need to apply these and keep up with them to be able to cover never models.

option 2B is automated updates from JLR and like servicing your car you need to do this once purchase a car same way you need to keep up with updates yourself and if we have to apply these for you will cost you and need to have a support plan in place.

2. What is a Support plan and Do i need it ?

This depends on you

We are here to supply tools only  and how to use them or update them you have to know this and is never part of any deal we make that we supply free support to you.

Support all kinds is always paid only


Use this link to see the support plans we offer

Types of support include

Remote software updates

Diagnostics DTC codes clearing

Module Flashing

custom Mods

Note we are in uk and you need to choose the type of option you need support in

Faster and whats app support cost more in realtime

lower cost is email support

Teamviwer remote login support   etc

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