Launch X431

Launch X431 V+ PRO3 Diagnostic Tablet Diagnosis test & FAQs

Launch X431 V+ pro3 professional diagnostics Wifi 10.1inch Tablet Plus X431 HD3 Heavy Duty Module Supports Both Cars and Trucks. Launch X431 V+ Pro3 and X431 [...]

How to register Launch X431 V X-431 Pro

Launch X431 V better replace of X431 IV , X431 Diagun 3 and X431 PRO, is available for some 12V diesel car. X-431 V supports wifi/Bluetooth and can be update [...]

How to redownload AutoSearch software

Launch X431 scan tool with AutoSearch software, which can automatically scan and read the car models. If this is your first time using a Launchscan tool, you [...]

Launch X431 Perform ECU Backup Memory ClearInitialization

Launch X431 ECU backup memory clear function locates at TOYOTA diagnostic S.W–>ABS–>work support. TOYOTA-16 or CAN BUS connector is selected for the [...]

How to Reset TCU for Benz VGS3 NAG2 by Launch X431

This instruction show you guide on how to use Launch X431 to erase transmission control (TCU) for Mercedes Benz VGS NAG2, VGS2 NAG2, VGS3 NAG2.Benz models: [...]

Launch X-431 Pad VII Review Unboxing Quick Look

Launch X-431 PAD VII(Pad 7) is an intelligent diagnostic tool, supports all-system diagnosis, 32 maintenance services, online coding & [...]

Launch X431 Program Keys for Nissan Sylphy 2014

When the key is invalid, lost, adding a key or replacing the IMMO related modules, the key matching is required.One year ago, Cnautotool show a guide on how to [...]

Launch X-Prog 3 Review

Launch X-prog 3 is a powerful anti-theft solution and an ideal choice for professional repair shops and vehicle maintenance businesses.It has achieved vehicle [...]

What should I do if the storage capacity of Launch X431 is not enough

What should I do if the storage capacity of Launch X431 is not enough? Launch X431 scan tool (i.e X431 V, X431 V+ etc) allow the user to expand the storage [...]

Launch X431 PAD VII Gateway Coding for VW Passat 2006

Here we’ve got a VW Passat 2006 with high current leakage and ACB discharge, so the recorder did not enter sleep mode. Then we’re going to show you how to [...]

How to Use Launch X431 PAD VII to Do ADAS Radar Calibration on Ford F-150 2019

When the radar sensor, ACCM(Adaptive Cruise Control Module), or front bumper was replaced or it did not accord with the maintenance alignment requirements, [...]

Launch X431 Frequently Asked Questions and Solutions

Launch X431 diagnostic tools are generally based on the Android operating system, and the tablet models and menu names of different devices may be [...]

How to calibrate the rotation angle sensor by Launch X431 PAD VII

Any of Launch X431 Pad VII, European Euro Tab III, MM4.0 (other devices can buy “Motor Angle Calibration” function in Mall module) can calibrate the [...]

Launch X431 PAD V Guided Function Tutorials

Launch X431 PAD V Tutorials: Perform the guided function — A/C compressor first run for VW PASSAT 2013. Here is the detail steps: Select [...]

How to Solve Launch X431 V+ Bluetooth Connector Poor Contact Problem

Customer problem: I have a Launch X431 V+ and use it many times, it always works fine. But recently it cannot work normally. There is poor contact on the [...]