K-tag Firmware 8.000 vs. Ktag Firmware 7.020

What is Ktag 8.000: The updated K TAG 8.000 programmer is designed for reading and writing control units for cars, motorcycles, trucks, agricultural machinery and boats. KTAG is used to program microprocessors in electrical circuits. The software has a clear interface… Continue Reading


Ktag/Kess unlock CRP3 LPC2478 via J-link (Pinouts attached)

As you know, for crp3 we can do the trick for unlock crp3 heating on KTAG or KESS V2 V5.017 programmer or buy a new NXP and write it (only one time) Here are some questions & answers on Google form, questions… Continue Reading


Which Kess V2 PCB is better (Review)


I need to choose among one of those KESS V2 PCB… Which one is better? 1.jpg mostly black items , also empty holes are filled up 2.jpg with yellow items, also the metallic 220 50v like original 3.jpg with yellow items,… Continue Reading


How to use KTAG Master to read VAG Audi A3 EDC17C46 ECU on bench

Here is a tutorial for using KTAG ECU Programmer to read VAG Audi A3 ECU EDC17C46 on bench. Steps are as follows: Step1. Open Audi A3 ECU EDC17C46 unit: first heat the edge to soften glue inside then open it carefully… Continue Reading


Ktag v7.020 ecu programmer review:

I confirm the new KTAG KTM100 is compatible with J-Tag, but in a completely different way. Usually J-Tag programmers are available only for big productions, never present in chip tuning devices. Using only the essential components, Alientech have merged J-Tag, Motorola… Continue Reading


Recommend a substitute S100 Universal Device Programmer for Beeprog

S-100 Ultra-high Speed Stand-alone Universal Device Programmer

Elnec beeprog Universal Programmer stop production for a long time, but still have a lot of customer inquire for beeprog. So that eobdtool recommend a substitute to help our customer replace of Beeprog. S-100 Ultra-high Speed Stand-alone Universal Device Programmer be regarded as substitute… Continue Reading


Free KTAG Ksuite V2.11 software FW6.070 and installation

K-TAG ECU Programming Tool

Following are the free KTAG K-tag ECU Programming V2.06 free download and installation instructions. Software version: V2.06 Firmware version: V6.070 Multi-Language:  English, Italian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish Operating system: Win XP and Win 7 KTAG ECU programming tool V2.11 firmware… Continue Reading