How to determine max OEM approved power on a Cummins engine

In this blog post we will tell You how we determine maximum OEM apporved power on Cummins engine based on the CPL number.

The most important thing to understand is that not all engines have same internal parts, no matter the fact that they are the same generation (CM2250/CM2350/CM2350A/CM871/CM2150D), same year, and same power.

The most important information for a Cummins engine is the CPL number.
CPL stands for Critical Parts List.

It is a 4 digit number that tells the dealer which software is approved for the particular engine, and what is the maximum power rating.

The photo below shows an example of engine data plate, and the arrow that points to the CPL number:

When we do ECM delete tuning, we always recommend staying on the max OEM approved power.
As we wrote, multiple times, on our web site – more power doesn’t mean that the tune is better.
We have a saying – It is running very strong, but it won’t for long!
You can check the list of our Cummins ECM tuning.

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Input the CPL number in field below, to filter the table.
Keep in mind we are listing maximum power & torque!
There is always possibility to use factory files with less power\torque when doing our tunes!

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