How to add Audi Q7& A6 Keys Via SVCI 2020

SVCI 2020 commander with full 21 software does not require activation; Won’t be locked, adds Suzuki, JLR and Daihatsu software  which other FVDI does not [...]

User Manual for SVCI 2020 FVDI AVDI ABRITES Commander

SVCI 2020 Feather: Version: 2020 Sever: No Need Connect to Server! Activation: No Need Online Activation! Time for use: No Time [...]

FVDI2 ABRITES Commander and FLY OBD Terminator Update VAG Audi IMMO

Update notice (November 11, 2016):  FVDI2 ABRITES Commander and FLY OBD Terminator all update VAG Audi Immobilizer function. Detailed update information as [...]