Lonsdor K518ISE ‘Push Function’ Not Working


Question: What’s the Lonsdor K518ISE ‘Push function’ function? It does not respond when choosing the function. Solution: It is the function used by Lonsdor engineers. Just ignore it. Users usually don’t need to perform the function. More information about Lonsdor, Please… Continue Reading


PCMtuner Update Issue PCMflash V1.21 V1.25 Solution


As we know, PCMtuner ECU Programmer requires users to always update PCMtuner, but PCMflash updates are not allowed. If we accidentally update PCMflash, are there any recovery options? PCMflash V1.25 Error. PCMflash V1.21 Error. PCMflash wrong update, re-installation can’t find dongle.… Continue Reading


Launch X431 V+ PRO3 Diagnostic Tablet Diagnosis test & FAQs


Launch X431 V+ pro3 professional diagnostics Wifi 10.1inch Tablet Plus X431 HD3 Heavy Duty Module Supports Both Cars and Trucks. Launch X431 V+ Pro3 and X431 HD3 Heavy Duty Module is with one year free update. They can still work… Continue Reading


OBDSTAR MS80 help user do motorcycle diagnosis

OBDSTAR-MS80-help-user-do-motorcycle-diagnosis-1 (2)

OBDSTAR MS80 Motorcycle Diagnostic Tool Support Anydesk For Free Remote Assistant, to help user do the motorcycle diagnosis. Here is the stpes: 1. Click MS80 anydesk 2. Send your address to remote techical assistant 3.It will connect with remote technical computer… Continue Reading