How to Program 2007 BMW 323i All Keys Lost by Autel KM100

Autel MaxiIM KM100 Key Programmer can successfully program 2007 BMW 323i all keys lost via OBD. It worked for this particular CAS3 because it wasn’t encrypted. Below I will show how to do it.

Unlock Key
Plug MaxiVCI V200 into OBD,
Make sure network connection is good during process.
When I was performing key add or all keys lost, KM100 failed and said:”Current key is locked, please check that a new key is inserted.”
So I should unlock the key at first.


IMMO >> Accept >> BMW >> Automatic selection >> IMMO status scan >> Anti-theft adaptation >> CAS3/CAS3+ immobilizer >> Key operation >> Unlock key >> Unlock by OBD >> OK
Remove the key from the ignition switch if it’s a smart key. Please take the key out of the car(Mine is semi-smart key, so just ignore).
Put the key to be unlocked into Autel KM100 card slot.
Key unlocked successfully!


Program Key
1. Pre-process Key
Go into “Key preprocessing”.
Put the key into KM100 Key Tool card slot.
Press “Semi-smart key”.
Key processing is successful!


2. Learn Key
Key learning >> OBD learning >> OK
Switch ignition on.
Remove the key from ignition switch if it’s a smart key. Please take the key out of the car.
(If it’s a semi-smart key, ignore this step.)

Select a blank key position: Key8 >> Make key with keytool >> semi-smart key >> OK
The key needs to be pre-processed, press “Yes” to continue.
Key processing is successful!
Succeeded in generating a dealer key.

Test Key
It can start the engine. And its remote is OK.
Key programming has done.
This is using Autel KM100 to program BMW 3 Series 2007 via OBD successfully.


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