JPRO Software update currently

Hi friend, recently we have some diagnostic tool to update the new software as following: 1: JPRO Professional Truck Diagnostic Scan Tool The software have [...]

Original GM MDI 2 Diagnostic Tool Multiple Diagnostic Interface 2 With Wifi

Original GM MDI 2 Diagnostic Tool Multiple Diagnostic Interface 2 With Wifi GM MDI 2 Overview: 1.Support Multi-Languages available: English, French, [...]

The Last Version GM MDI2 Scanner and Plus Lenovo X220 Laptop

GM MDI 2 GDS2 Tech2win Software V2021.10 is available with pre-installed in Plus Lenovo X220 Laptop. It is plug-and-play. It includes one GM MDI 2 [...]

GM Diagnostic Tool Packages Bundle New Computers with the MDI 2

GM is currently offering several GM Diagnostic Tool packages that provide U.S. dealerships an opportunity to upgrade obsolete Windows 7 computers and pick up [...]

GM MDI or Tech 2 Which one should I choose

Looking for a GM MDI interface or Tech 2 Scanner and don’t know which one (original or clone) should you take? Here you go. Part 1: GM MDI or Tech [...]

MDI2 and V2 compatibiltiy problems

Quesiton: So, in the past we have been able to load stock tunes with the Car Scanner GM MDI2 hardware then tune with EFI Live. There was never any issue [...]

2002 GMC Sierra Scan Tool or Diagnostic Tool you use – pros and cons

Car model and year: 2002 GMC Sierra 1500 Purpose: to pull codes Scan Tool or Diagnostic Tool to use - pros and cons 1. GM Tech2 pros and cons To do [...]

V2019.07 Best quality GM MDI 2 Diagnostic Tool GM Multiple Diagnostic Interface with WIFI

Overview The Multiple Diagnostic Interface 2 (GM MDI 2) is used by professional technicians as an aid in diagnosing and repairing automotive electrical and [...]