How to solve when you meet common question for KT200 ECU Programmer

KT200 ECU Programmer ChipTuning Kit KT200 ECU/TCU Programmer Support OBD/BOOT/JTAG/BDM Multiple Protocols

Below is common question when you use the KT200 ECU Programmer.
1: Diagnosedetect problem
Q: ln the KT200-master folder, the suffix dll files cannot exceed three letters, and the extraones can be deleted.
A: There are three files Gcheck.dll, SecurityAccess.dll, wuzi.dll in the folder

2:Time zone problem
Q: lf the time zone is inconsistent with the current location, KT200 will display an errorComputer clock is wrong.
A: In the computer settings, search for “time”, select the corresponding time zone, andsynchronize the network time.

3: Driver problem can’t open
Q: The driver is missing,error Cannot load file libcrypto-3.dll Error: 126
A: Install the patch package corresponding to the operating system, and it can run normally
The 32-bit system corresponds to the X86 version, and the 64-bit system corresponds tothe X64 version.

4: dfb2xx.dll file error
Q: Use Diagnose to detect, displays an error Wrong size or version of C/windows/syswow6/dfb2xx.dll
A: This is because the size of the dfb2xx.dll file in C:lwindowslsyswow64 is inconsistent. Thesize of the dfb2xx.dll file of KT200 is 202kb, not 392kb, so replace it.






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