How to get VVDI2 (VT-01) Prepare Toyota H chip authorization for free

Post is on how to get VVDI2 (VT-01) Prepare Toyota H chip authorization for free in the “xhorse update kit software self service system” if you have Xhorse VVDI2 full version; and if VVDI is not full version, you are supposed to pay about 75usd.

With VVDI2 Toyota H chip authorization, you can generate Toyota H transponder(128bit):
Toyota H transponder – Camry, Levin
Toyota H transponder – Corolla (First in the world!!!)
– Akl or just add key, It depends on the car. Some for precoding only.
– Does not limit the region, not only for US H cars or European H cars.
– Won’t do AKL. Using the correct tool for AKL will need a “H” chip, which the VVDI will now make.
To clarify: The VVDI just makes the “H” chip. It will not program it at all.

How do you know if your VVDI2 is full version or not?
VVDI2 full version contains all of the following authorizations:
VV-01(VAG 4TH )
VV-02(VAG 5th)

The way to activate (VT-01) Prepare Toyota H Chip Authorization:
To have Prepare Toyota H transponder authorization, it requires online calculation for costing 200 bonus points each time which can be checked in the points system.
1.Plug VVDI2 full version into computer.
2.Open “Xhorse Upgrate kit software”, select “VVDI2”,and click on “find device”.


3.Click on “System Point”, then “View My bonus Points”  or “Binding”, then go to self service system.


4.Login your account on Customer Self Service website. If not use before, register firstly.
5.Choose “Activate H”.


6.Wait for 30 minutes, update vvdi2 firmware in xhorse update kit software.

7.Prepare Toyota H chip authorization is done.

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