MDI2 and V2 compatibiltiy problems

So, in the past we have been able to load stock tunes with the Car Scanner GM MDI2 hardware then tune with EFI Live. There was never any issue and the ECMs always reacted exactly as a completely bone stock ECM would. Something recently changed and now after an MDI2 flashes an ECM our EFI Live cannot read the tune. This happened on 2 or 3 different e38 ECMs then I thought to try “Try common Alternative Keys” and I am able to read the file. However, on one ECM in particular that was already unlocked, then changed with MDI2, I cannot write a file to it. It’s like its no longer unlocked. Again, this didn’t use to be the case. I attached a pic of the error message discussing the custom key.

I also cannot license an altogether different e38 that we have tried to work with.

Obviously this could be something that has changed with the GM MDI 2 Scan Tool and GM setup, I am not sure. Has anyone else dealt with this? My buddy at GM says that the MDI2 is being used exactly as they do every day at the dealership. In theory if that’s the case a vehicle could come in and need a new ecm under warranty, get replaced, then a year later try to be tuned by EFI Live and have this issue.

Has this already been discussed somewhere and I missed it?



In the folder below (where XXXX is the user name logged in to the PC):


There is files saved with the extension .htx, look for the ones with E38 in the file name and post a couple of those up in a zip.

However I think I know exactly what is happening, as you may have experienced with EFILive before when you go to full flash an E38 (and some others) it comes back and says the OS’s are not compatible and will not flash the file in.
I don’t believe TIS has such checks which means when you flash an incompatible OS in the ECM will corrupt like you are experiencing (eg you are putting a 2010 OS in to an ECM that has a 2008 OS in it).

The number one sign this has happened is when the S/N’s returns as all zeros and the ECM becomes locked…..I asked for trace files just to confirm that for you more than anything else.

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