Original GM MDI 2 Diagnostic Tool Multiple Diagnostic Interface 2 With Wifi


Original GM MDI 2 Diagnostic Tool Multiple Diagnostic Interface 2 With Wifi GM MDI 2 Overview: 1.Support Multi-Languages available: English, French, German, Italian. etc. Total 30 languages to choose. 2.Hardware: Original 1:1 support car till 2022 3.Software version: V2022.1 (offer… Continue Reading


The Last Version GM MDI2 Scanner and Plus Lenovo X220 Laptop


GM MDI 2 GDS2 Tech2win Software V2021.10 is available with pre-installed in Plus Lenovo X220 Laptop. It is plug-and-play. It includes one GM MDI 2 multiple diagnostic interfaces, Plus Lenovo X220 Laptop with a preinstalled hard drive containing software Global TIS,… Continue Reading


How to Clear ABS Codes using the GM Tech2 Scanner


Today I have a test on 2005 GMC to show you how to read and clear diagnostic trouble codes from the ABS system via GM Tech 2. You should use with a 32MB Card which can support your car model… Continue Reading


GDS2 processing power with MDI2 / GM next-generation vehicle diagnostic application


GDS2 a genuine tester for GM cars (Chevrolet / Cadillac) Introducing , . GDS is an abbreviation for Global Diagnostic System, the next-generation vehicle diagnostic application GM vehicles, which is software that will be for and diagnoses by connecting hardware called… Continue Reading