How to Solve ICOM Next cannot be found by Itool Radar Software

How-to-Solve-ICOM-Next-cannot-be-found-by-Itool-Radar-Software-3 (2)

Problem: I have a BMW ICOM Next. I upgraded firmware for it. Now it cannot be find by itool radar software. I tried restore using USB flash method. However when I reset Icom by press and hold the pin hole… Continue Reading


BMW ISTA version 4.30 – New content for repair instructions


BMW ISTA need BMW ICOM Next connect BMW car Repair instructions The new publication has essentially been supplemented by the following Repair Instructions: BMW: G01 LCI in large part complete BMW: G02 LCI in large part complete BMW: G26 largely… Continue Reading


BMW Coding & Programming – Do you know the difference


What is Coding? It is a process utilized by BMW, which groups system specific operating requirements (Data) together and then assigns a label/code to each of these groups of data. The various groups of data are all pre-loaded into system… Continue Reading


How to calibrate the rotation angle sensor by Launch X431 PAD VII


Any of Launch X431 Pad VII, European Euro Tab III, MM4.0 (other devices can buy “Motor Angle Calibration” function in Mall module) can calibrate the rotation angle sensor of the motor for BMW, MINI, Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Acura. Why it… Continue Reading


How to connect ENET WIFI to BMW ISTA


How to connect ENET WIFI to BMW Diagnostic Software BMW ISTA 1.The ENET WIFI interface is connected to the OBD interface of the BMW cab; 2.PC connected to ENET WIFI wirelessly, the ENET WIFI password is 12345678; 3.Open BMW ISTA diagnosis… Continue Reading




The ICOM Next A is a multifunctional vehicle interface that is designed to be used in workshops worldwide. It has been specially developed for use by workshop and service personnel in support of service consulting, diagnosis, and vehicle programming processes. The… Continue Reading