How to Solve ICOM Next cannot be found by Itool Radar Software

Problem: I have a BMW ICOM Next. I upgraded firmware for it. Now it cannot be find by itool radar software. I tried restore using USB flash method. However when I reset Icom by press and hold the pin hole near USB port, but does not happen on my Icom Next.

How-to-Solve-ICOM-Next-cannot-be-found-by-Itool-Radar-Software-1 (2)
How-to-Solve-ICOM-Next-cannot-be-found-by-Itool-Radar-Software-2 (2)
How-to-Solve-ICOM-Next-cannot-be-found-by-Itool-Radar-Software-3 (2)

How to restore this Icom Next?

SOLVED by re-injecting via USB key files : “USER.settings” and “user.settings.log”  (can find in “Restore ICOM.7z” in ISTA installation package)
ICOM IP address was lost and now all OK !!!!

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