How to fix Xtool H6 pro with kc501 read write BMW cas4 failed

Problem: I have a Xtool h6 pro with kc501 (same as Xtool A80 PRO), I’m trying to read/write a BMW cas4 with no success, I follow the wiring diagram and tried the 2 methods the app shows. I’ve even connected the kc501 to my pc but still no comms.

How-to-fix-Xtool-H6-pro-with-kc501-read-write-BMW-cas4-failed-1 (2)
How-to-fix-Xtool-H6-pro-with-kc501-read-write-BMW-cas4-failed-2 (2)
How-to-fix-Xtool-H6-pro-with-kc501-read-write-BMW-cas4-failed-3 (2)

Experienced user’s advice:

The black wire and white wire.
Move white wire to the hole in the pcb and try again.

Obd2tool.com engineer replied:

Sometimes we have the same problem with Xtool h6 pro ( H6 PRO = Xtool A80 PRO in the aspect of software  ) , we find out it has a poor welding and then re-solder it again, finally we can read and write the data successfully.

Hope it helps!

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