GM Diagnostic Tool Packages Bundle New Computers with the MDI 2

GM is currently offering several GM Diagnostic Tool packages that provide U.S. dealerships an opportunity to upgrade obsolete Windows 7 computers and pick up a new MDI 2 (Multiple Diagnostic Interface) tool.

A modern PC that is compliant with the GM Dealer Infrastructure Guidelines (DIG) is needed in order to properly use all of the features of GM’s diagnostic applications. The latest DIG also recommends one MDI 2 for every Techline PC.

Standard and GM-Configured Laptops

The laptop computers are compliant with the latest DIG and can be ordered with a standard configuration or configured with GM-recommended diagnostic software (TIS2Web, GDS 2, GM MDI, GM MDI 2, Tech2Win, and Service Information).

GM vehicle diagnostic applications, such as GDS2 and SPS require additional computing power to perform appropriately during vehicle diagnosis and repairs. PCs used by technicians in the service bay should include PC hardware that is considered to be in the “Better” or “Best” specifications category in the DIG. (Fig. 6) The DIG provides “Good,” “Better,” and “Best” specifications for replacing PCs. The “Good” category is the very minimum specification and should not be used when comparing new PCs.

1. GM MDI 2 GM Scan tool Plus Lenovo X220 Laptop Full Set Ready To Use


2. GM MDI 2 GM Scan tool Plus Lenovo T410 Laptop Full Set Ready To Use


MDI 2 Diagnostic Tool

The MDI 2 is the next generation Global Diagnostic Interface tool for both current and future GM vehicles. It’s a compact communication module that manages the transfer of data between a vehicle’s onboard network and a service technician’s PC. The MDI 2 supports diagnostic applications — GDS 2, Data Bus Diagnostic Tool, and Tech2Win — as well as Pass-Thru programming applications — TIS2Web–SPS.

The MDI 2 connects to the vehicle via the J1962 connector using a DLC cable. Connection between the MDI 2 and the PC running the GDS 2 software can be accomplished via a standalone connection (USB), the dealership network (CAT5), or through a new Point-to-Point wireless Wi-Fi interface feature (a simple plug & play).

The EL-52100 MDI 2 kit includes:

MDI 2 Unit
SAE J1962 DLC Cable
10-ft. USB A to USB B Cable
Ethernet Cable
D-Link Wireless USB Adapters (Dongles) (Optional; for wireless connection)


For more information about the latest DIG as well as PCs for purchase, go to gmdesolutions.com and select the Dealer Services tab.

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