How Autel TS508 Program 4 TPMS MX-Sensors Meanwhile

This is a tech tip of how to use Autel MaxiTPMS TS508 to program four 433Mhz TPMS MX-Sensors for a 2005-2012 Lexus GS series at the same time.


Put the 4 Autel MX-Sensors near the TS508 tool.

autel-ts508-program-4-tpms-mx-sensors-meanwhile-1 (2)


Advanced mode >> Lexus >> GS series >> 01/2005-12/2011(433Mhz)(GS32)

autel-ts508-program-4-tpms-mx-sensors-meanwhile-2 (2)

autel-ts508-program-4-tpms-mx-sensors-meanwhile-3 (2)

autel-ts508-program-4-tpms-mx-sensors-meanwhile-4 (2)

Program sensor >> Auto create 1-16 sensors

Keep programming sensor within 4 inches, start checking…

autel-ts508-program-4-tpms-mx-sensors-meanwhile-5 (2)

autel-ts508-program-4-tpms-mx-sensors-meanwhile-6 (2)

autel-ts508-program-4-tpms-mx-sensors-meanwhile-7 (2)

4 sensors detected. Do you want to continue? Press “Yes”.

4 sensors programming…

Programming successfully! Sensors information were display.

autel-ts508-program-4-tpms-mx-sensors-meanwhile-8 (2)

autel-ts508-program-4-tpms-mx-sensors-meanwhile-9 (2)

autel-ts508-program-4-tpms-mx-sensors-meanwhile-10 (2)

It is quite fast and easy to use Autel Scan Tool TS508 TPMS Tool programming 4 sensors in 1 minute.

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