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Autel Maxisys Elite ESP Coding Programming on 2009 Mercedes Benz GLK350

Hey guys I’m gonna to use Autel MaxiSys Elite diagnostic tool to program a 2009 Mercedes Benz GLK350 VIN in ESP module. This vehicle was replaced the ABS [...]

Autel MaxiSys Elite and Mercedes SCN Coding

I purchased the Autel Maxisys Elite almost a year ago. I decided to buy it from an Autel representative based on his customer service skills and YouTube [...]


This article will show the all-around comparison between Autel Maxisys Elite and Launch X431 V+. Let two representative scanners in the Autel and LAUNCH [...]

How Autel TS508 Program 4 TPMS MX-Sensors Meanwhile

This is a tech tip of how to use Autel MaxiTPMS TS508 to program four 433Mhz TPMS MX-Sensors for a 2005-2012 Lexus GS series at the same [...]

Autel MaxiSys Elite Add A Smart Key For Toyota Sienna

How to use Autel MaxiSys Elite scan tool to program a smart key fob for 2013 Toyata Sienna? Today I will show you guys with an old key & a new smart key to [...]

Difference among MaxiIM IM608 and Maxisys Elite, which scanner is best

What’s the difference among MaxiIM IM608 and Maxisys Elite and Which one is better? which scanner should I buy? Now, Reading this post (Autel IM608 vs [...]

Autel Maxisys Elite Review Buying Guide 2019

No doubt, the Autel Maxisys Elite OBD-II scanner certainly surpasses much beyond the general expectations with any vehicle engine scanner tool. The tool is [...]

Autel MaxiSys Elite Diagnostic Tool Common problem solving methods

1. updating MaxiFlash Elite to firmware 3.21? My maxisys communicate with the MaxiFlash J2534 but Maxiflash elite cannot communicate with any cars! To [...]

How to do Autel J2534 pass thru CIP programming for all Vehicles

How to solve: Autel J2534 pass thru FOR EVERY YEAR, MAKE AND MODEL Man! I finally figured it out! CIP (Coding Individualization and Programming), [...]


First time programming a key/fob with my Autel Elite. 1.0pen the AUTEL MAXISYS ELITE, click "auto detect", then Diagnostic programm [...]

My using experience with MaxiSys Elite

I've used Snap On Verus Pro & Solus and now my OTC Genisys Touch. I am still very bias to Snap on for MANY things. Just a few is the PID screen, all [...]

Autel MaxsiSYS Elite FAQ:

Can you sell the latín America versión ? Answer: Dear sir, we sell the US and AU version , if you need it please contact us What [...]

Autel Maxisys Elite Reviews

oming from a snap on verus decided to look for a new Autel Scanner that would not break my wallet and decided to take it for a spin. I could do everything [...]

Get Autel MaxiSys Elite Now for 4 Reasons

Autel, as one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of professional diagnostic tools, is committed to provide users around the word with [...]

How To Use The Autel MS908P:

1.Autel Maxisys Pro itself has already supported ECU programming function for BENZ and BMW cars, if you need to get support for more car models, you must [...]