Autel MaxsiSYS Elite FAQ:

Can you sell the latín America versión ?
Dear sir, we sell the US and AU version , if you need it please contact us sales@obd2tool.com.

What make of vehicles can Autel Maxisys Elite work on?
I don’t want to say all, because I don’t know for sure but pretty much anything you can think of. Domestic, Inport, Euro, HD Trucks (ie. Fuso, Hino, box trucks etc).

Does Autel Scanner Maxisys Elite work on mack , volvo ,caterpillar regeneration of the dpf?
Never used the feature but it has the manufactures listed and I haven’t found anything it won’t do yet on the manufacturers ive worked on.

Is spanish languege available in this item? And would Maxisys Elite include diagnostics for vehicles made in Mexico?
Yes, when you purchased it just tell us your serial number, we will add the language for you, and it includes diagnostics for vehicles made in Mexico, we are the exclusive distributor to sell this product in Amazon, if you need it just place the order, happy new year!

What about registration of Elite on Obd2tool.com ?
When you power it up and connect to wifi it asks you to register it. I have been using mine without registering it. The message goes away after a minute.

i am a fleet mechanic most of our vehicles are afew years older do i have to pay update yearly or wait 3-4 years and pay one fee
Dear sir,
This product comes with 2 years free update, when it expire, you can choose to get renewal by paying $1599/year, actually you can continue to use it even you don’t update.

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