The best Diagnostic for Mercedes Benz: SDconnect

Question: I’m looking for a good Benz diagnostic tool for checking mercedes errors when programming and checking millage information .
so, mercedes benz star diagnostic tool, what device do you recommend?

Answer: Obviously the “best” bet would be to lease XentryTab direct from MB.

If you wish to find a “different” solution, you will probably need to have MB SD Connect C4 interface.

With this interface and Xentry/DAS/HHTwin software + WIS workshop manuals and Starfinder, you should find it a lot easier to perform general diagnosis work.

For programming ECU’s, some old ECU’s can be programmed offline. Newer ones need online connection to Mercedes and also after programming you often need to SCN code which also requires an online connection to Mercedes. After a release of this software becomes old, it will no longer be able to perform such jobs so you will need to update your laptop software again. Also you will need someone who can provide an account for you to do these jobs.

For checking mileage information, probably best to investigate locksmith tools like e.g. AVDI ABRITES Commander, as sometimes cars hide mileage in locations that cannot easily be found.

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