How to determine max OEM approved power on a Cummins engine

In this blog post we will tell You how we determine maximum OEM apporved power on Cummins engine based on the CPL number. The most important thing to understand is that not all engines have same internal parts, no matter the fact that they are the same generation (CM2250/CM2350/CM2350A/CM871/CM2150D), same year, and same power. The most important [...]

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LAUNCH Code Reader Creader VIII (CRP129)

In recent years, has a hot sale X431 product, it is Code Reader LAUNCH Creader VIII.Because it is cost-effective ,only 175USD,But its function is [...]

Garage guys attention please, this tool is selling like crazy

These days, after Autoboss V30 Elite sell in the market, it is sought after by a growing number of users, take for example, its visits has increase by average [...]

How do you think Porsche 911 GT3 engine problem issues?

porsche piwis ii
My Porsche 911 also got engine problem Wish the Porsche 911 GT3 engine problem issue have a fast resolution. It happens that I also have a Porsche 911 and I also had [...]

Where to buy good quality VCDS vag com 12.12?

vag com 12.12
I saw my members in this forum asking about VCDS vag com 12.12 cable the other day. We can find vag com everywhere, but the quality of the cables varies. Their quality [...]

Why Choose NEXIQ 125032 for Volvo

NEXIQ 125032 USB Link
Top Eight Reasons to get Nexiq 125032(Xtruck 125032): 1. Support windows XP and windows 7. 2. Our Cummins Insite software comes with nexiq is professional version. 3. [...]

My first auto repair case: Audi A4L battery drains often

Last week, I repaired the first car on my own. It was a 2010 Audi A4L equipped with CDN 2.0T FSI engine and had about 10,000 miles on it. The problem was that the car battery [...]

USB-Link has been obsoleted. Recommend replacement is the USB-Link 2 PN 124032

NEXIQ 125032 USB Link
USB-Link continues to be obsoleted. Propose replacement unit is actually NEXIQ 125032 USB Link CRITERIA: PC-to-vehicle program appropriate for several software package [...]

We currently have an authentic Autoboss Tools

Remove your energy connectors, unscrew the environment wrinkles and undo-options both mounting bolts on the control device prevent on the frame. Leaped your compressor in [...]

Professional Diagnostic Tools was before extremely difficult to not include heard of the device

My spouse and i related the duplicate to be able to our Chevrolet and yes it have no issue reading through the car pc. My spouse and i perhaps hard-wired a brand new key! It [...]

Fgtech galletto instructions although OBD2 Scanner don’t join trunk line

When i with success study by trunk setting this ecu.. no problem switch electricity give with galletto.. make an effort to study as principles look turn off switch join [...]

2014 Christmas Promotion on obd2tool

2014 Christmas is coming, let's celebrate this happy festival in advance! You can get  free gift  for each order! At the same time,  you can get discount as [...]

which can be not really the best X431 Pad?

Concerning often advocated the actual institution of the personal electronic diagnostic principle, the actual appoint built huge, in reality quite simple. Needs one to devote [...]

Tuirel S777 Retail DIY Professional Auto Diagnostic Tool With Full Software

Tuirel S777 Retail DIY Professional Auto Diagnostic Tool With Full [...]

CRP 123 Launch is really a new new release associated with core analysis merchandise

We provide Wholesale price to get Start X431 CRP 123. The primary functions do not merely include OBD / EOBD common process analysis, but include qualified analysis program to [...]