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How to Recover MB SD C4 Xentry

MB SD Connect Compact 4
Nice weekend !:) Yesterday we have share with you how to Unlock the MB SD C4. Today we’d like to share with you How to Recover MB SD C4 Xentry . [...]

V15.6 Piwis tester2 For Porsche New Arrival !

porsche piwis ii
Good news ! Porsche Piwis tester2 Newest update to V15.6 ! Advantages: Software Version: V15.6 Laptop: CF-30 (Second Hand)—Software is [...]

Setup NCS-Expert on BMW INPA / Ediabas OBD & ADS Interface

In order to perform a diagnosis we will need the ADS interface for connecting INPA cable + INPA software. The interface, which I have here: [...]

How to install Newest V2.12 KESS V2 ECU Tuning Kit

New V2.12 KESS V2 Unlimited Token Version Firmware V4.036.Latest software version V2.12 and newest firmware version V4.036.Please Note:When you using this [...]

PIWIS II Wifi for Porsche OEM Wireless Solution Released!

We now have PIWIS II Wifi for Porsche OEM Wireless Solution Released! PIWIS II Wifi for Porsche OEM Wireless Solution Released! The wifi solution is 100% [...]

2 ways to install Volvo Vida Dice on win7

Volvo Vida Dice
I bought a Volvo Vida Dice diagnostic tool . The tool supports Windows XP only. I do not have a XP computer but a Windows 7 64 bit computer. I can confirm [...]

Rheingold – smooth running test and DPF back pressure test

While browsing through BMW Rheingold ISTA functions, I found couple of interesting tests we can perform. These are found in Vehicle [...]

How to solve vag com 12.12 Interface Not Found

vag com 12.12
My Customer problem Have a HEX-CAN USB that has worked like a charm for the past year. Suddenly not working - tried it on 3 different vehicles, 2 different [...]

How to Solve PIWIS Tester 2 For Porsche license expire issue

porsche piwis ii
PIWIS Tester 2 For Porsche diagnostic tool from can not only support diagnostic function (the new upgrade 15.100 version will do Porsche [...]

How to solve the MB SD C4 white screen problem?

MB SD Connect Compact 4
MB SD Connect C4, newest version is 2015.03, it support K line, CAN BUS and UDS protocol, fit all computers with multi-language. MB SD C4 support reading out [...]

Best Quality KESS V2 V2.12 Firmware V4.036 Manager Tuning Kit Master Version

If customers ask us what's the chip tuning tool can support EDC17, we will highly recommend the KESS V2 V2.1. It can support Bosch EDC17(BMW, CHRYSLER/FAL/JEEP [...]

How do you think Porsche 911 GT3 engine problem issues?

porsche piwis ii
My Porsche 911 also got engine problem Wish the Porsche 911 GT3 engine problem issue have a fast resolution. It happens that I also have a Porsche 911 [...]

Where to buy good quality VCDS vag com 12.12?

vag com 12.12
I saw my members in this forum asking about VCDS vag com 12.12 cable the other day. We can find vag com everywhere, but the quality of the cables varies. Their [...]

USB-Link has been obsoleted. Recommend replacement is the USB-Link 2 PN 124032

NEXIQ 125032 USB Link
USB-Link continues to be obsoleted. Propose replacement unit is actually NEXIQ 125032 USB Link CRITERIA: PC-to-vehicle program appropriate for several [...]

2014 Christmas Promotion on obd2tool

2014 Christmas is coming, let's celebrate this happy festival in advance! You can get  free gift  for each order! At the same time,  you can [...]