OBDSTAR X300M Mileage Correction for Audi A3 MQB

Audi A3 MQB mileage correction with Mileage Correction obdstar X300M succeed, it is easy to operate by following the instruction made by obdstarstore.com engineer.


Audi A3 old value 400KM

audi-a3-mqb-mileage-correction-with-obdstar-x300m-1 (2)

Here Audi A3 MQB key front and back.

audi-a3-mqb-mileage-correction-with-obdstar-x300m-2 (2)
audi-a3-mqb-mileage-correction-with-obdstar-x300m-3 (2)

Choose option “Vehicles”

audi-a3-mqb-mileage-correction-with-obdstar-x300m-4 (2)

Choose “Mileage adjustment”

audi-a3-mqb-mileage-correction-with-obdstar-x300m-5 (2)

Choose “Audi”, then “Audi V31.55”, then loading…Initializing…Authorizing…

audi-a3-mqb-mileage-correction-with-obdstar-x300m-6 (2)
audi-a3-mqb-mileage-correction-with-obdstar-x300m-7 (2)

Select “A3”

audi-a3-mqb-mileage-correction-with-obdstar-x300m-8 (2)
Choose “MQB 2014.06 -”

Message : Only MQB dashboard of mainland and VDO are supported.

audi-a3-mqb-mileage-correction-with-obdstar-x300m-9 (2)
audi-a3-mqb-mileage-correction-with-obdstar-x300m-10 (2)

Switch ignition on.

audi-a3-mqb-mileage-correction-with-obdstar-x300m-11 (2)
audi-a3-mqb-mileage-correction-with-obdstar-x300m-12 (2)

Mileage adjustment

audi-a3-mqb-mileage-correction-with-obdstar-x300m-13 (2)

Confirm the current mileage value.

Please input the new value you would like to adjust.

Communicating… Loging system…

audi-a3-mqb-mileage-correction-with-obdstar-x300m-14 (2)
audi-a3-mqb-mileage-correction-with-obdstar-x300m-15 (2)

You will hear a ticking sound, then the dashboard lights up.

Writing data…

audi-a3-mqb-mileage-correction-with-obdstar-x300m-16 (2)

Audi A3 MQB mileage correction succeeds with OBDSTAR X300M.

audi-a3-mqb-mileage-correction-with-obdstar-x300m-17 (2)

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