OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Clone BCM for Opel 2011 Insignia

One of the main reasons I bought theĀ OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS PAD2 (C package) was to do the Opel 2011 Insignia BCM clone the same as in the video.

OBDSTAR-X300-DP-Plus-Clone-BCM-for-Opel-2011-Insignia-1 OBDSTAR-X300-DP-Plus-Clone-BCM-for-Opel-2011-Insignia-5 OBDSTAR-X300-DP-Plus-Clone-BCM-for-Opel-2011-Insignia-2 OBDSTAR-X300-DP-Plus-Clone-BCM-for-Opel-2011-Insignia-3
OBDSTAR-X300-DP-Plus-Clone-BCM-for-Opel-2011-Insignia-4 OBDSTAR-X300-DP-Plus-Clone-BCM-for-Opel-2011-Insignia-6 OBDSTAR-X300-DP-Plus-Clone-BCM-for-Opel-2011-Insignia-7 OBDSTAR-X300-DP-Plus-Clone-BCM-for-Opel-2011-Insignia-8 OBDSTAR-X300-DP-Plus-Clone-BCM-for-Opel-2011-Insignia-9

So successfully done this today!
leave module connected in car, battery charger on the battery and ignition off.
Plug into obd port
Read eeprom
Read flash
Swap bcm
Write eeprom
Write flash
Also needs internet connection to do it.

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