Porsche Panamera level system X431 air spring replacement programming


This instruction shows you to start the Porsche Panamera level system programmed with X431 after replacing the air spring. caveat: During operation, please ensure that the power supply voltage is not lower than 12V. Other operations should meet the requirements of… Continue Reading


Decel G Sensor Calibration for Nissan Maxima 2017 by Launch X431


In this instruction,i will show you the test on how to use Launch X431 Scan Tools Throttle to perform Decel G Sensor calibration for Nissan Maxima 2017.And for more Nissan repair,please check:Nissan Trouble Repair. Procedures: Connect Launch X431 Throttle to Nissan… Continue Reading


CRP 12 X Premium Connection

1 Install TF card 1) Take out the TF card from package box. 2) Insert the TF card into the CRP129 Premium (CRP123 Premium) TF card slot perpendicularly. Make sure is fully inserted in the right place with the “micro” label… Continue Reading


Launch Tech CRP129 Premium CReader Pro

Based on the CReader Pro CRP123 the Pro # CRP129 Premium is a marked improvement of its predecessor, as well as being the world’s first DIY diagnosis product with fully integrated OBDII, Car Model Diagnosis and Engine Oil Lamp Reset. It… Continue Reading


Questions You May Want to Know about Launch CRP Series

1. Q. What is OBDII/EOBD standard? A: OBD is the acronym for On Board Diagnostics. In order to reduce and handle the air pollution due to vehicle exhaust gas, the notion OBD was first introduced by California Air Resources Board… Continue Reading