How to build connection between Cummins Insite and ECM:Auto Configure,RP1210 Adapter and Simulator?


How to build connection between Cummins INSITE and ECM:Auto Configure,RP1210 Adapter and Simulator? Adding New Connection: Click on connection Select “Add New…” Dialog box for ECM Connection Wizard should appear as shown. Select appropriate connection Auto Configure Automatically detects installed datalink… Continue Reading


Cummins INLINE 7 With Cummins Insite 8.3 Software New Released

Cummins INLINE 7 is Cummins  DataLink Adapter with Cummins INSITE 8.3 Software work for Cummins diesel engine diagnostics till 2018.  Cummins INLINE 7 Diagnostic tool replace Cummins Inline 6 with V7.6 INSITE Cummins software work on Win 7/ Win10 system. Obd2tool.com have… Continue Reading