How we test OBD2 scanners


To test the Best OBD2 Scan Tool, I used my 2014 Audi Allroad vehicle while it was in the garage or on the road over a period of several weeks. After connecting each scanner to my car’s OBD2 port, I… Continue Reading


How to Repair Audi A8L J518 Module 00183 Trouble


It is a repair case on repair Audi A8L J518 module,the vehicle keyless function can not work,and can not start the engine. For Audi repair,please check more cases here: www.obd2tool.com. Use ODIS diagnostic to get trouble code,it show below fault… Continue Reading


Hyundai Automatic Transaxle-No Movement in Drive or Reverse Gear Repair


If you are servicing a vehicle with no movement in drive or reverse gear, follow the procedure shown below.And for more Hyundai projects,please check here:Hyundai Repair Cases REPAIR PROCEDURE: 1.Check for DTC in both the “Engine” and “Automatic Transaxle” menus:… Continue Reading


How to Find the Right OBD II Scanner for Your Vehicle


Finding the right OBD2 Scanner for your vehicle can open up a whole new world where you can not only see the error code but also directly address the issue with your car. There are times when the error codes indicate… Continue Reading


How Does OBDII Work

OBD System History The On Board Diagnostic (OBD) is a term that refers to systems in the vehicle that self-report issues. The system has its origins in the 1960s. During that time the state of California began pushing for emissions… Continue Reading


Ford Explorer Transmission Problem Analysis

Q. I am experiencing a problem with my transmission. I hit on the gas from 0 mph it rises steadily to about 30 mph, after that the acceleration stops for a couple of seconds but the rpm and engine rev… Continue Reading


The 7 reasons you have car diagnostic tools

Many things that can go wrong with your car, even if it’s brand new. Sometimes an engine component will malfunction, and you’ll need to understand what’s happened to get it fixed. That’s where an OBD scan tool comes in. An OBD2… Continue Reading


How to solve Login problem for Launch Icarscan

Some times when you log in Icarscan , it will showed “our account has been logged in on another device “, the reason is that you have used the other mobile logged in icarscan EZdiag APP, but didnt exit out… Continue Reading


Which Auto Scan Tool Is Best


What is a scan tool? A scan tool is used to diagnose and detect variety of internal problems or malfunctions that can occur within your vehicle. These codes give you incite as to what is wrong with the car and… Continue Reading


How to install an OBD 2 device


While the use of the OBD2 on the car has become traditional, what has failed to get to most people is the car OBD 2 installation process. Seeming tedious as it is to so many motorists, it can be one of… Continue Reading