What is the difference between IDS and SDD


1. Is IDS Integrated Diagnostic Software used on Jaguars pre 2005 Yes the old program to work on the jags before 2005 is called IDS. We have v128 and V131 that have this software included and only runs on win… Continue Reading


Using Segment and Reset on Caterpillar ET Software


Using Segment and Reset on Caterpillar ET Software Segment and Reset 1). SEGMENTS The “Segment” function allows performance parameters and totals accumulated to be viewed. -Different parameters display for the data analysis. -Trip Segment functions and data currently available on… Continue Reading


Land Rover 825 Watt Surround Sound System Retrofit Configuration by JLR SDD


This post show you the configuration of Land Rover 825 watt surround sound system retrofit by JLR SDD diagnostic software. Land Rover Discovery 4 Parts: 3 SRS speaker 825 watt amplifier Amplifier wire harness D-pillar plaque L405/L494 Parts: 3 tweeters… Continue Reading


Speed Control on Caterpillar Engines


Desired Speed Control Top Engine Limit (TEL) “TEL” is a customer programmable parameter that defines the maximum allowable engine speed for maximum power (Software Dependent). “TEL” can be programmed up to the maximum rated engine speed. “TEL” is defined along… Continue Reading


DATA ERROR on AUX Temp (Auxiliary Temperature) and Settings on Caterpillar ET Software


AUX Temp (Auxiliary Temperature) AUX Temp Sensor is optional equipment, with CAT P/N 370-3830. -Additional installed for the Zone 2 Area or Hazardous Location, -Installed on Explosion Protection Engine Kit (such as “Pyroban”) at Exhaust Manifold. Troubleshoot AUX Temp –… Continue Reading


FREE Caterpillar ET-2019A Full Service Dealer, Diagnostic Software for Caterpillar Engines

Electronic Technician

FREE Setting CAT ET-2019A (Electronic Technician) Full Service Dealer, Diagnostic Software for Caterpillar Engine, ET 2019A If you got problems while activation, don’t hesitate to Contact Us , I’ll help to setting up using TeamViewer. Download here: Instructions: 1. Install… Continue Reading