Autel MS909 Difference Between MS908S Pro and MS919

As we all know there have too many types of similar Autel machines from autel factory , but whats the exactly difference between the products ?

Today let’s introduce some difference between Autel ms909Autel MS908S Pro & Autel MS919

First , Autel MS909 features the new MaxiFlash VCI, a combination VCI and vehicle communication tool providing faster dual Wi-Fi vehicle and network communications. The MS909 features front and rear cameras and a rechargeable Lithium battery providing 8 hours of continuous use to ensure you always have the power to scan. Autel Intelligent diagnostics Tools, 36+ diagnostic functions, and active test mostly simplify the diagnostic process, which makes you complete the diagnostics and repair quickly and easily.

AUTEL MS909 Mainly features :
Support BMW BENZ programming
Intelligent diagnosis (based on fault codes, provide systematic solutions: TSB technical bulletin, fault code guidance, fault priority sorting, maintenance videos, etc.)
Diagnosis system topology diagram


Second , the difference with ms908s pro :
Updated J2534 interface capable of CAN-FD, MEGACAN, and DoiP
Has Autel’s new software with “Intelligent Diagnostics”, which includes module network topology, TSBs, DTC analysis, and fault code information.
Faster, more memory, bigger battery
Runs Android 7 – adds Adobe Cloud option for saving and sharing reports/data

Third , the difference between MS919 and ms909
Autel MS919 is the new MaxiFlash VCMI, functions as a 4-channel oscilloscope, waveform generator, multimeter, and CAN BUS tester. The supporting MS919 software provides a large library of preset guided tests and extensive waveform library, to ensure techs are getting the most Oscilloscope use. Autel MS919 software outperforms competitors by offering DTC and sensor specific test options to help test more accurately, as well as providing probe and component location diagrams so technicians test while connected correctly.


Autel MS909 features topology module mapping capability, detailed repair information and illustrations.

Autel MS919 features a rechargeable Lithium battery providing 8 hours of continuous use, and front and rear cameras.

Acually the unique difference between 909 and 919 is vcmi

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