How to Check Autel Programmer

In case the customer’s programmer can’t read any types of key chips like key ID46, 47, 48,49, AES and 5C, etc. Ask the client to go to the programmer menu as shown follows and provide the programmer version information and device serial number.
First of all, make sure that you have not connected the programmer to the vehicle OBD connector.

not connected the programmer to the vehicle OBD connector


Then check if you use the right USB cable to connect the device to the Autel programmer.

Then go to the “programmer” menu to check the programmer function.


Click “Version information” which provides the programmer version information including hardware and software information.


Try with both “Automatic detection” and the specific key type menu like “HITAG2” type according to the key type.


Also, you can go to Autel’s official website to download PC version programmer V2.61 software.

Notes: The programmer software applies to XP200, XP400, and XP400Pro.
The software will auto-adjust for the programmer.


PC version programmer V2.61 software


Firmware update communication error of the programmer. Please check the programmer connection


If programmer connection can’t detect any keys both with PC end and tablet.
Please describe how the programmer stop work after what operation? And it needs to return to the factory to repair if all of the above methods tried and not working.

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