Autel IM608 Program 2021 Nissan Altima All Key Lost

Autel IM608 Program 2021 Nissan Altima All Key Lost

Have a 2021 Nissan Altima with only one working key, and need to add a new key with Autel IM608.

Autel-IM608-Program-2021-Nissan-Altima-All-Key-Lost-1 (2)

Let’s see how to do that.

Connect the MaxiIM IM608 to the vehicle correctly

1.  Connect the MaxiFlash to the vehicle’s DLC for both communication and power source
2.  Connect the MaxiFlash to the Autel IM608 via BT pairing

Turn on IM608 tablet, select IMMO>> Accept the disclaimer>> Enter the terms in the search box to search for quickly

Then select Nissan >> Manual selection

We have the ignition on, so we’re going to also turn on the hazard lights

Autel-IM608-Program-2021-Nissan-Altima-All-Key-Lost-2 (2)

Then select North America>> ALTIMA>> 2020-

Confirm the vehicle info

Autel-IM608-Program-2021-Nissan-Altima-All-Key-Lost-3 (2) Autel-IM608-Program-2021-Nissan-Altima-All-Key-Lost-4 (2)

Select Control unit>> Immobilizer/Smart System>> Immobilizer remote control learning>> All smart key lost

Autel-IM608-Program-2021-Nissan-Altima-All-Key-Lost-5 (2)

Pay attention to notice “Perform this function will detect all smart keys, it can program up to 4 smart keys! Whether or not to continue?”

Press “Yes” to continue

Close all the doors and click the start button

Read the vehicle’s BCM code successfully. It’s not 284B14BA0B and 284B14BY1A, so there is no risk in performing the immobilizer function. Just go ahead to do.
Autel-IM608-Program-2021-Nissan-Altima-All-Key-Lost-6 (2)

Turn off the ignition and turn on the emergency flasher

The hazard lights are already on

Open and close the door once

Press start button once, keep the logo side of a new smart key cling to car start button, then the dashboard is illuminated and the indicator light flashes 5 times.

Note: If the indicator light doesn’t go out, please use a working key to press the start button.

Take the new key firstly. Push the start button one time, the lights appears on the dashboard. Then push it one more time to turn it off.

Next take the original key to do the same thing, the lights flash, wait for 5 seconds, the lights go out. Hit the start button again.

Take the first key programmed to hit the start button again, we hear all beep, push the start button one more time, and registration is completed.

Autel-IM608-Program-2021-Nissan-Altima-All-Key-Lost-7 (2)
Autel-IM608-Program-2021-Nissan-Altima-All-Key-Lost-8 (2)

Finally, test the remote and start the car, and both work perfectly.

Awesome! Autel MaxiIM IM608 add a new smart key to 2021 Nissan Altima successfully.

It’s very easy to use. Just follow the on-screen instructions to operate step by step, and you can program the key perfectly.

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