How to reset brake pad Chevrolet Suburban with Launch THINKDIAG

Chevrolet Suburban 2015 5.3L (L83) light duty truck brake pad reset with Launch Thinkdiag + one mobile phone (IOS or Android). If you ever need to replace your brake pads you’ll notice that your brake pedal becomes a little stiff sometimes, so with the brake reset this would go ahead and clear that out.

So let’s go ahead and get THINKDIAG connected to show what it can do.

launch-thinkdiag-chevrolet-suburban-2015-brake-pad-reset-01 (3)

Enter THINKDIAG APP -> ThinkStore -> GM

launch-thinkdiag-chevrolet-suburban-2015-brake-pad-reset-02 (2)

launch-thinkdiag-chevrolet-suburban-2015-brake-pad-reset-03 (2)

launch-thinkdiag-chevrolet-suburban-2015-brake-pad-reset-04 (2)

Connecting Bluetooth.

launch-thinkdiag-chevrolet-suburban-2015-brake-pad-reset-05 (2)

Tap the first option “Automatically Search”, it will pop up to turn on ignition, then have the vehicle information.

launch-thinkdiag-chevrolet-suburban-2015-brake-pad-reset-06 (2)

Do the health report.

launch-thinkdiag-chevrolet-suburban-2015-brake-pad-reset-07 (2)

launch-thinkdiag-chevrolet-suburban-2015-brake-pad-reset-08 (2)

We can back to tap “System Selection”. Brake pad would be under “Body Control Module (BCM)”.

launch-thinkdiag-chevrolet-suburban-2015-brake-pad-reset-09 (2)

Read fault code.

launch-thinkdiag-chevrolet-suburban-2015-brake-pad-reset-10 (2)

DTC Display, then we have two fault codes.

launch-thinkdiag-chevrolet-suburban-2015-brake-pad-reset-11 (2)

Back to select “Special functions”.

launch-thinkdiag-chevrolet-suburban-2015-brake-pad-reset-12 (2)

Brake pedal position sensor learn.

launch-thinkdiag-chevrolet-suburban-2015-brake-pad-reset-13 (2)

launch-thinkdiag-chevrolet-suburban-2015-brake-pad-reset-14 (2)

Go back and then tap “Clear Fault Code”.

launch-thinkdiag-chevrolet-suburban-2015-brake-pad-reset-15 (2)

launch-thinkdiag-chevrolet-suburban-2015-brake-pad-reset-16 (2)

And you can see that the fault codes are gone.

launch-thinkdiag-chevrolet-suburban-2015-brake-pad-reset-17 (2)

Launch THINKDIAG scanner is really a nice tool for Chevrolet Suburban 2015 5.3L (L83) brake pad reset.

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