CITROEN C8 BSI HC12 Mileage Correction with Digiprog3

CITROEN C8 BSI HC12 odometer correction pinout to digiprog 3 mileage programmer.

Need plug 51.

CITROEN-C8-BSI-HC12-Mileage-Correction-with-Digiprog3-1 (2)
The BSI module is located at the bottom right above the glove box.
Remove BSI and disassemble.
Connect the plug 51 to the connector as shown in the following photo marked solder points.
Now choose the program: Cars / Trucks – CITROEN C8 BSI HC12.
The DIGIPROG displays the old KM booth.
Program the new KM booth and you’re done.

CITROEN-C8-BSI-HC12-Mileage-Correction-with-Digiprog3-2 (2)

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