2014 Honda Accord 93C76 Mileage Correction with YH Digimaster 3

How to use Yanhua digimaster3 mileage programmer to correct odometer for 2014 Honda Accord.

Select “Meter system”, then “Japan & Korea”.

digimaster3-2014-honda-accord-mileage-programming-01 (2)

Select “Honda”.

digimaster3-2014-honda-accord-mileage-programming-02 (2)

Select “Accord”.

digimaster3-2014-honda-accord-mileage-programming-03 (2)

Select “2014 (93C76)”.

digimaster3-2014-honda-accord-mileage-programming-04 (2)


Please remove the chip 93C76, and weld it on the OBP adapter, then click on “Next” to read the data.

This is OBP adapter.

digimaster3-2014-honda-accord-mileage-programming-05 (2)

digimaster3-2014-honda-accord-mileage-programming-06 (2)

93C76 is 8 feet IC, please read the following parts on how to weld the chip on the OBP board.

Remove the chip off the dashboard.

digimaster3-2014-honda-accord-mileage-programming-07 (2)

Remove the excess tin on the IC.

digimaster3-2014-honda-accord-mileage-programming-08 (2)

Weld the chip on the OBP adapter packed in the Digimaster3.

digimaster3-2014-honda-accord-mileage-programming-09 (2)

Solder the chip off the adapter.

digimaster3-2014-honda-accord-mileage-programming-10 (2)

Solder the chip back onto the dashboard.

digimaster3-2014-honda-accord-mileage-programming-11 (2)

Use banana oil to clean the chip that was solder back onto the dashboard.

digimaster3-2014-honda-accord-mileage-programming-12 (2)

digimaster3-2014-honda-accord-mileage-programming-13 (2)

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