2013 Kreisler300C Idling speed learning operation method with Launch X431 V/X431 V+ PRO3

Actual car model:Kreisler 300C,2013,3.6L,VIN=2C3CCAPG8DH6*****

Function Description: When cleaning or changing throttle , the program will be executed.

Product:Launch X431 V/X431 V+ PRO3



  1. The engine cannot be in a running state.
  2. After this function, you need to remove the fault code.
  3. This document is applicable to the Chrysler 300C model in 2013. Other models may be slightly different and can be used for reference


Operation Instructions:

1.Select Chrysler 300C V30.21 above;

  1. Select 16Pin connector;

3.Select manual selection;

  1. Select CHRYSLER;
  2. Select 2013(VIN 10th)>300;
  3. Select PCM(Power control module);

7.Select Learning ETC(Electronic Throttle Control),

  1. After click “confirm”,Note: “Keep the oil pedal to the bottom and keep the throttle open.”,

  1. Finished the operation, the software reminds users to release the gas pedal,

10.After clicking “confirm”, It will prompt users not to touch the accelerator pedal,then waiting for 6 sec.

  1. After this operation is completed, the user “ETC learning completes”,as shown

12. After the confirmation, feedback “learn to pass, press ok to quit”, as shown. Click ok, turn off the key, exit the software, and end the operation

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