Fixed! Lonsdor K518 Interface Entering ProblemMenus Missing

Lately, one of our customers said his Lonsdor K518 key programmer couldn’t enter the main interface, stuck in “50% loading” (as shown in the two pictures below). Chinacardiags offers a solution and the problem has been solved well.
fixed-lonsdor-k518-interface-entering-problem-menus-missing-01 (2)
fixed-lonsdor-k518-interface-entering-problem-menus-missing-02 (2)

Kindly be noted that it’s applied to all the following situations:
Situation 1: It cannot enter the main interface of the device.
Situation 2: It takes a long time to enter the main interface.
Situation 3: Some menus are lost in the device.

Step 1: Hold these two buttons marked in red at the same time, and you’ll enter an interface as below.
fixed-lonsdor-k518-interface-entering-problem-menus-missing-03 (2)

fixed-lonsdor-k518-interface-entering-problem-menus-missing-04 (2)

Step 2: Press Uninstall APK once, and you’ll go to another interface like this image.
fixed-lonsdor-k518-interface-entering-problem-menus-missing-05 (2)

Step 3: Press OK and you’ll be back to the previous screen.
fixed-lonsdor-k518-interface-entering-problem-menus-missing-06 (2)

Step 4: Press Oldest APK once, then enter the password accordingly.
fixed-lonsdor-k518-interface-entering-problem-menus-missing-07 (2)

fixed-lonsdor-k518-interface-entering-problem-menus-missing-08 (2)

Step 5: Connect the device to WiFi and press Update.
fixed-lonsdor-k518-interface-entering-problem-menus-missing-09 (2)

Step 6: Press OK to update the device.
fixed-lonsdor-k518-interface-entering-problem-menus-missing-10 (2)

Now the Lonsdor K518ISE will work normally as before.

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