OD6 DoIP VCI J2534DoIP OE diagnostic tool for Jaguar,rover,BENZ, BMW,VW, HONDA, TOYOTA Multiple in one


 Advantage characteristics

1.Multi in one comprehensive diagnosis instrument VCI of the original factory, one machine is multi-purpose and cost-effective;

2.Comprehensive and perfect DoIP support, not only support but also more perfect adaptation;

3.Realize the functions and speeds that J2534 and other comprehensive original diagnosis instruments cannot achieve;

4.Solve the problem that non doip or other diagnostic instruments are unable to program audio gateway and instruments;

5.Solve the problem that non doip or other diagnostic instruments cannot test the new and old models;

6.The industry takes the lead in supporting and adapting 18 BMW series softwares;

7.The industry takes the lead in supporting the programming software of Toyota and Honda;

8.The industry takes the lead in adapting and supporting Mercedes Benz disassembly and assembly tutorials, diagnostic demonstration programs and third-party line query software;

9.It can perfectly replace C6 and many original diagnostic instruments;

10.Realize all functions of ICOM A2, and realize rapid programming of vehicle control unit;

11.Realize the installation and use of win 10 of Audi ODIS series;

12.Realize all functions of VAS 6154;

13.At the same time, it supports SDD and Pathfinder, and can modify the vehicle and program the control unit to read the data quickly;

14.Support all functions of tis software of the main factory, and realize the function of upgrading vehicle power system software that 4S stations at home and abroad can’t do at will;

15.Support all functions of the factory’s HDS software, so as to realize the function that 4S stations at home and abroad cannot upgrade the vehicle power system software at will;

16.Multi protocol is added to ensure comprehensive adaptation ability and programming function;

17.Support model expansion, such as Volvo, Ford Mazda, GM, Porsche, Subaru, etc;

18.Strongly recommended by the original diagnosis and training experts;

19.The actual measurement of doip programming, no gimmick, with data and facts.



The DoIP OE diagnostic tool adapts to the OE diagnosis software, perfectly replaces the OE diagnosis, and realizes the OE diagnosis functions such as control unit identification, reading and deleting fault information, data flow, guided fault query, action test, programming, matching, code setting, brush hiding, changing vehicle configuration, etc

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