How to clean Z axis on SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine

Please clean Z axis on the SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine when it pops up the error “Z limit surpassed”

Error message:

Z límite sobrepasado (Spanish)

Z limit surpassed (English)


How to clean Z axis on SEC-E9:

Please follow the video and clean Z axis on the key cutting machine

If it doesn’t work, please disassemble the machine and clean the inner parts

How-to-clean-Z-axis-on-SEC-E9-1 How-to-clean-Z-axis-on-SEC-E9-2 How-to-clean-Z-axis-on-SEC-E9-3 How-to-clean-Z-axis-on-SEC-E9-4
How-to-clean-Z-axis-on-SEC-E9-5 How-to-clean-Z-axis-on-SEC-E9-6 How-to-clean-Z-axis-on-SEC-E9-7 How-to-clean-Z-axis-on-SEC-E9-8 How-to-clean-Z-axis-on-SEC-E9-9

How-to-clean-Z-axis-on-SEC-E9-10 How-to-clean-Z-axis-on-SEC-E9-11 How-to-clean-Z-axis-on-SEC-E9-12 How-to-clean-Z-axis-on-SEC-E9-13 How-to-clean-Z-axis-on-SEC-E9-14

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