BMW ISTA 4.15 PsdzData Lite Download + Update Info

Free download BMW ICOM software 12.2018:

ISTA 4.15.20 PSdZData Lite


ISTA-D 4.15.23 Standalone
FASTA & HW check disabled.
License & regfiles included.

ISTA 4.15.14 has been released as of December 7, 2018.

This version of ISTA contains the following new I-Levels:
*   F001-18-11-539
*   S15A-18-11-545
*   S18A-18-11-545

The programming execution block has been removed for G30, G01 and G02 vehicles
Important information regarding this version:
This version introduces an enhanced Expert Mode diagnosis which now includes measuring while driving.
Energy Diagnosis test plan has been improved.
Energy diagnosisI01
Energy diagnosis has been extended to include detection of battery defects due to environmental conditions.
Energy diagnosis G0x, G1x, G2x, G3x
Energy diagnosis has been extended to find temporary causes and offer further recommendations.

ABL-DIT-AT1361_BX7_LMS test module corrected. While performing diesel test module for EGR valve, ending test module and unable to. Test module asked what was found defective however there are no options and the lower right “next” key is not selectable.

Energy diagnosis test plan is missing for E-Series vehicles – This will be corrected with ISTA 4.15.2x.

The following issue which could appear when programming the G05, G15s:

Fault description:
After programming the CCM “driving stabilization” is shown.
In the DSC control unit is a fault memory entry 0x2290D “encoding data not qualified”.

Model series affected:
Vehicles G05, G15.

Measure / Workaround:
1) Change to the bus overview (control unit tree).
2) Choose control unit DSC.
3) Perform a control unit reset within the control unit functions.

Alternatively, the fault memory entry can be deleted after the vehicle has been going to sleep.

IMPORTANT: For convenience and use with relief, ISTA 4.12 should be a better version, tested successfully by professionals and thousands of real users:

bmw-ista-1 bmw-ista-2

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