I purchased my Tech2 from obd2tool.com and it operates excellent. Can not definitely compare software using a Tech2 as that may be comparing hardware to a system. That getting said, there is certainly a software side of items that operate alongside the Tech2 which can be the TIS2000 software. Acquiring that functioning can be a bit of a project in and of itself because the software is old and seems to operate ideal on Windows XP. The TIS2000 computer software is truly not necessary to use the Tech2 although – that is required if you would like to update the firmware inside the various modules in your automobile like the ECU, BCM, DDM, and so on.

Just place though. There is no other tool which can do almost everything on your H2 that the Tech2 can do. It truly is the only tool with issues that happen to be extremely specific like calibrating the rear air suspension module. Other tools is usually quite potent but which are mainly just have options that happen to be typical to several cars and can not have factors which are distinct to just a single or two automobiles.
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Tech 2 does not system for H2 above 2007… what to perform in that case?

Basically it does the programming just fine on newer than 2007 GM automobiles BUT it’s essential to pay for an ACDelco TDS subscription for cars above 2007 and you would use the CANDI module that comes with many of the Tech2’s for functioning with CAN bus cars. You could subscribe for as small as two days for $55.

This is ONLY necessary if you want to plan or update the computer software in a module. All the make in diagnostics and testing for automobiles as much as 2013 operates without having the subscription or the older TIS2000 application. You only require those for undertaking actual programming. The older TIS2000 software – that may be what has the programming was discontinued in 2007. TIS2000 does have the actual programming for all automobiles up to 2007. After 2007 GM went to the TDS method.

You may also get a newer style MDI or MDI 2 for diagnostics and programming. The catch with those. They’ve NO screen or built in software program and also you should spend for any subscription from from ACDelco TDS to utilize an MDI.

Other brand units, an extremely select handful of can do actual programming and make use of the pass-through system. NONE have the diagnostics that the actual Tech 2 or GM MDI (together with the subscription) may have. Verify with Autel and see if they have the full diagnostics and re-calibration for the rear air suspension on a Hummer H2. Not going to happen, there is too little demand for them to hack and reverse engineer that unique bit of code in a Tech2 to find out the diagnostics after which write programming for that for their tool.

For programming you also need to have TIS2000 operating on a laptop or computer or spend GM for a 24 month subscription for their TIS2WEB (Car Programming) for $40 https://www.acdelcotds.com/acdelco/action/subscribehome
The personal computer will will need a serial port for downloading the programming for the Tech2 for programming your automobile.
The way programming functions is you connect the Tech2 towards the automobile and inform it you need to system a module. It interrogates all of the modules on the vehicle for the current versions and the VIN number. You then connect it towards the laptop or computer operating TIS2000, GlobalTIS, or TIS2WEB subscription and select programming in the pc. It reads the Tech2 for the vehicle information then presents you having a list of software for all the modules and shows you which have updated software program. I propose only performing one module at a time that is a good bit additional back and forth but safer. The pc then loads the update for the Tech2. You take that back for the automobile and connect it and it then applications the module.

The best, most trustworthy and safest process is always to use a lengthy enough serial cable (its utilizes 9 pin serial adapters with an ethernet cable to create the cable longer – so you can just use a longer network cable) and do pass-through programming. In that strategy the procedure is definitely the same but you leave the Tech2 connected to each the personal computer and the automobile at the same time. Once you select programming on the Tech2 then go to the personal computer and you can right away update every module right from the laptop or computer.

There is certainly a slightly far more updated version of standalone TIS2000 floating around on the web which has extra updates which has software program updates for autos through 2009 too. I know just using that TIS2000 each my GMC truck and my 2003 H2 each had a bunch of application updates offered to be programmed all of which repair smaller difficulties or increase particular aspects. A single instance in on the older single compressor air ride like my 2003. These would run and make tiny adjustments a lot more often than needed as well as the software program update fixed that. Around the H2 the rear air ride is also one particular to become pretty careful of for carrying out application updates although. For example, my 2003 came using the earlier style single compressor but if it had been to fail a dealership would replace it together with the newer style dual pump compressor. Programming would nonetheless assume its the original style and would attempt to system it and that would actually result in it to fail. TIS2000, (Worldwide, Internet, and so forth) will warn you about this kind of point even though so just heed all warnings and follow guidelines and its fine.

The programming aspect just isn’t needed or required to utilize the Tech2. The Tech2 still gives you a TON of diagnostics and tests that NO other Professional Diagnostic Tool has which includes points like the air ride module, detailed BCM functions, basically you may manage and test every single computer module inside the vehicle.

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