Autel MaxiSYS MS908CV Heavy Duty Diagnostic Tablet

The Autel MaxiSYS CV performs enhanced system diagnostics on more than 60 commercial heavy, medium and light-duty vehicles. There is a 9.7-inch LED capacitive touch screen on this Android-based tablet. It is both WiFi and Bluetooth enabled tablet. This heavy duty table reads and clear codes and views and graphs live data. It provides the ability to perform tool-guided maintenance services. It can complete a number of special functions and diagnose manufacturer-specific systems including Allison transmissions, Bendix ABS Brake systems, Detroit Diesel Engines. Includes One-year software updates.


MaxiSYS CV performs enhanced system diagnostics on more than 60 commercial heavy, medium and light-duty vehicles

9.7-inch LED capacitive touch screen, Android-based tablet
MaxiFlash Elite, Bluetooth-enabled VCI/J2534 device
WiFi and Bluetooth Enabled Tablet
Read and Clear Codes, View and Graph Live Data
Perform Tool-Guided Maintenance Services
Diagnoses Manufacturer-Specific Systems Including Allison Transmissions, Bendix ABS Brake Systems, and Detroit Diesel Engines
One-Year Software Updates

The Maxisys CV heavy duty scan tool will treat you to an incredible user experience.
To begin with, it has a 9.7’’ backlit glossy Multi Touch high capacitive display equipped with IPS technology.
Whenever you need to record images, its powerful 5-megapixel rear camera equipped with autofocusing capabilities as well as flashlight will help you get crystal clear shots.
Even better, you will access live data in form of text, digital and analog gauge, and graph for both data analysis as well as review.
The table is also equipped with different configure options, record, and playbacks, and set triggers with one touch. As a result, you will be able to playback the recorded data for enhanced ability to accurately pinpoint the possible troubles in your trucks.

The strength of OBD2 Scanner Autel MaxiSYS MS908 CV lies squarely in its powerful software system.
We all know how Android Operating System has practically ushered us into a new and exciting age of technology.
And Autel Maxisys CV truck Scan Tool has leveraged on the Open source Android Operating System to introduce heavy truck scanning in just one touch.
The scanning device takes truck diagnosing to next level with auto scan and auto VIN based systems.
What does this mean to an average truck owner or a mechanic? It means that you are able to scan and detect your vehicle in a breeze.
Moreover, its advanced ECU coding, as well as programming enhanced by MaxiFlash Elite, is capable of performing J2534 pass-thru comprehensive programming.
Subsequently, the availability of a reliable Bluetooth VCI communication between the Heavy Duty Scanner MaxiSys CV tablet and your truck incredibly enhance user experience.

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