My HVAC controller was bad. It was not sending commands to operate the actuators. The display was zeros. I bought a new controller and this test shows the commands sent and how the actuators respond.


How to test your actuators with GM Tech 2, this is an oaf i’ve cadillac escalade snares oh five that’s going to be like truck going on a Cadillac. this is the K go down to body I have a navigation radio.


This is the auto and you’re wondering what the PHT is it’s a hybrid vehicle very uncommon okay.


So now scroll down to eating an air conditioning special functions


We’re going to output control motor actuator tests air inlet door this doesn’t have any I’m not sure if this vehicle has them to see the zeros there doesn’t appear to be anything it doesn’t change anything so we’re not gonna do anything with that mode one door position so we we do only hit the on button it’s gonna request a 2:38 so you can watch the steps go up to 2:38 or their bounced


There we go so we’re pretty close now we turn it off it’s gonna request is the 24 and you can watch it step on down to 24 we’re close to it that looks pretty good.

Now we’ll head exit out go to the right mix door and we hit on and the request is 178 you can watch it go for that real close to it go off its going to try to go to one go to 45 and there it is over to skip an action going on there but came back way back out go to the left mixed door at the on tries to go to 191 it looks good hit the off spam go down to 63 and that looks good back out there’s other tests you can do near the blower motor right now.


it’s at 18 boom you hit the on and you see it jump up 89 you can actually hear. it so. I’m gonna hit it off you can see. it turns it off so that that works pretty good. let’s go back out of that and air inside air temperature fan not really sure. what to do there at the end that’s really sure what that’s supposed to really be doing anyway that’ll test your actuators.

Mine appear to be testing how good I put a new module in this car or a control module and for the AC they go right there by this Professional Diagnostic Tool. So I could do that make sure you get the correct part number because there’s a bunch of them all look alike but they
are different in their vehicle-specific.


So make sure you get the right part number and match it up with the one you have when you pull it out that’s it


I recommend that you buy gm tech2 on OBD2TOOL website. They are cheap, logistics is fast, and after-sales service is also very good. I have been using it for a year and there is no problem with the quality of the product.

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