Reviews of Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P

Compared to other sites, the Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P Vehicle Diagnostic System at obd2eshop.com has the good quality with the best price. The following are some customer’s real evaluation of this product.

Ok so some of the reviews scared me a little, after reading about all the nightmares I was skeptical about buying Autel Scanner Maxisys Pro MS908P since I’m just a weekend warrior it’s a lot of money for that but since I have a BMW, Hyundai, and a Dodge truck as well as my kids cars I figured I wanted to buy it.

Let me just say I had no problem registering this online at Autel and I took serial number and password right from the machines screen as they show online. After I registered I also installed the CD that was supplied I did that no issues. Then I bought a 32GB sd card (Ultra) not that it matters but that’s the max, I clicked install all updates on the card and boom all went on. Then I took the card out of the machine the 8GB supplied and updated that as a back up. I’m also gonna order one more 32GB to keep in the safe. No issues at all my serial number had a Q in it which is the USA one. My wifi works good as well.

So far I have not used it much but man I’m so excited I cannot wait. I plan on making some keys first. Any questions please ask. You won’t regret buying it I promise.



The MS908P is the best scanner hands down …..ive used all the major brand tools and the MS908P exceeds those high dollar pos…it ships with a class 4 ..4gb card, but I upgraded to a sandisk class 10 ..16gb and now this thing runs so much faster..a necessary upgrade for me.

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