What do you think the Porsche Piwis Tester II from China?


It’s a grey market Porsche Piwis 2 It’s likely real but not with online capabilities. This means it’s a probably a copy hacked to work offline only. Typically a real PIWIS’s hard drive is cloned, installed into a similar laptop, and mated with the Bosch OBDII hardware or a Chinese copy of it. To do remote coding or enabling things like sport chrono you will need to log onto Porsche’s network with a valid user id/password. You will not have this capability. The modules listed require online access. I’ve also seen these grey market sellers offer their online logon via remote access for 24 hours for a fee of course ($250?).

A buddy loaned me one to play with when I retrofitted TPMS into the car. There are definitely more features than Durametric Pro, but not a huge number more. I accidentally disabled sport mode with it, and needed to see the dealer to get it reenabled because I did not have the online access, and wasn’t about to pay more than a dealer visit for remote access from Asia into my computer. But I did get the TPMS system programmed properly, even enabling summer/winter/special (track) tire settings.

I’d say Durametric Pro covers about 80% of the same things without the online access. There are some small items that PIWIS on OBD2TOOL can do better, and in some case beyond what Durametric Pro can do – mostly on the coding options side. Putting the grey market piece aside for the moment, I concluded Durametric Pro was enough for me since I already owned it. But if I didn’t and want to spend double I would consider it. Again, putting the grey market piece of it aside…

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