ICOM P BMW Coding Tool Work With ISTA BMW Software New Released

BMW Coding Actia ICOM P BMW ICOM P For BMW Coding Tool

ICOM P as new generation BMW ICOM series tool support BMW coding & diagnostic function, ICOM P work stability particularly in term of BMW Coding, ICOM P BMW Coding tool work with ISTA BMW diagnostic software as well as ICOM A2, ICOM NEXT. ICOM P minium working voltage was 8V,  which support programming without Car model & interface limited.

Below eobdtool.com share ICOM P Interface BMW ICOM P VCI BMW Coding Tool more details as following:

ICOM P Interface Wifi ICOM P VCI BMW ICOM P BMW Coding Tool

ICOM P BMW Coding tool 1 ICOM P BMW Coding Tool Work With ISTA BMW Software New Released

Actia ICOM P VCI For BMW Coding Tool New Features:

1. ICOM P BMW Coding Tool perfect matching of hardware and software.

2. Actia ICOM P with perfect speed, ICOM P+ISTA BMW Diagnostic Software speed increased by 30%.

3. BMW ICOM P with Perfect number: new number, stable use, has not been blacklisted.

4. Perfect engineer software: BMW AG all models hidden function brush, all modules individually programmed to replace the old programming, coding. Human-machine interface language changes, etc. (Operators need a deep technical foundation – BMW engineers)

Actia BMW ICOM P User Tips:

1, backup.

2, can not be powered off.

3, does not allow the network cable to appear out of the chain

Actia ICOM P For BMW Coding Tool WIFI ICOM P Interface Support ICOM A2 and ICOM Next All Functions, Wifi ICOM P VCI Actia ICOM P interface work with ICOM B+C+D Module for BMW coding & diagnostic functions.

BMW ICOM P Actia ICOM P minimum working voltage is 8V, particularly and stability For BMW Coding than ICOM A1 ICOM A2 & ICOM NEXT.

Need Actia ICOM P for BMW Coding Tool BMW ICOM P Interface just contact us freely

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