Good News Car Immobolizer System Is Updated

Vehicle appears everywhere nowadays with the technology develops, at the same time, we should never say it a good thing, because vehicle theft appear every now and then, but there is no need to worry about it, car theft system has been set up in every cars, then how much do you know about auto immobilizer system, what the function is and how it works, let’s begin.

Car Immobolizer system covers to the system that keep the car itself or the things in the car from being stolen. key coding machine is made up of electronically controlled remote control or key, CGDI Prog alarm device, electronic control circuit, and the implementation of institutions and other components, significant  and insignificant.

The most earliest auto door lock is a mechanical one, only be used to driving in case that your car door is open automatically by accident, goodness, it is not safe at all. but there are one drawback, which is awful,   it is only considerd by the safety of traffic, but can not afford the anti-theft effect. As time goes on, our society is processing forward, with the development of science and technology and the increasing number of cars, and later the manufacture of cars, trucks doors are equipped with a key lock. The door keys can control all the doors, you just need to lock one door, others are locked and connot be opend unless you use the car keys. At this time, drawback comes, what should we do when we lost our keys? ohh. don’t worry, it is time to use auto key programmer.

There are also some cars equipped with a steering lock so that car anti-theft can work more better. The steering lock is used to lock the steering wheel of the car. The steering lock is locked with the ignition and is installed under the steering wheel, which is controlled by the key X431 from www.obd2tool.com.

In other words, the ignition lock cut off the ignition circuit to turn off the engine, the ignition key and then left to the extreme position of the gear, the latch will be extended into the steering shaft slot, the car steering shaft mechanical lock. Even if someone will open the door and start the engine illegally, because the steering wheel is locked, the car can not be turned, it can not drive away, of couse, Idle Throttle Valve Auto ECU Programmer is also play a role in this process.

There is one point you may don’t know, some cars are designed and manufactured without a steering lock, but with another so-called crutches lock the steering wheel, so that the steering wheel can not run when there are no one arund, but also can play an anti-theft effect. Some cars in the transmission with a mechanical lock, the transmission lever is locked, so that the theft can not be linked to the car and it can not move. In another side, ignition switch is used to turn on or off the engine ignition system circuit, and it is used to open a lock of the truth according to your key, but also played a certain anti-theft effect.

The development of society and technology is unprecedented, we live in a new millennium, everything is developing in a repaid way, and car also update with each passing day. Most cars are installed on the central door locks, in other words, the car door locks and luggage compartment is hard to be stolen anyway, because it is hard to decode them all.

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